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Im safe up hereSeven weeks on! Miss Morag is all "fed" up!

Quick update on the wee rascals...sorry Morag's Puppies! Just turned seven weeks old and all doing great.

When I say doing great, the term really does not do justice to the amount of fun they are having with brothers, sisters and Mum, although the latter is becoming less frequent due to the lack of patience from Morag.

When she has a couple of them hanging off her ears, its tolerable,( for a while) the sparks start to fly when the other three are trying to join in, then her motherly instincts kick in... a wee growl soon sends the wee rascals running, albeit, with tails still wagging and heading off to venture into yet more mischief...trouser legs, a shoe lace or just generally trying to get under your feet. It's amazing how you very quickly adapt to spinning on one leg whilst shaking the other one to release a puppy from your shoe lace...

Rudolf Nureyev eat your heart out I say!

IMG_4111 I’ve spent a lot of time with the wee rascals and starting to get into their way of thinking... (I think) looking at the world through a puppy’s eyes perspective in five easy steps...

1. Anything longer than a 4m straight floor space = "lets race"
2. Anywhere with a start and finish around something (i.e kitchen island) = "lets race around and around!"
3. Any doors open... kitchen cupboards, fridge, outside door, cellar door, hallway door = "lets escape"
4. Any object hanging... apron ties, tea-towels, coats on back of chairs = "lets make a jump for it and get our teeth stuck!"
5. If having photographs taken and told to sit, stay and stay, and stay = "lets make a run for it!"

I could go, but hopefully you have the idea, all having fun, fit and well.

Bedtime with Beddies

All had their 1st booster injection, combined with a full health check from our vet. All perfect, heart, ears, teeth, eyes, due claws, bits and bobs and weight all 100%.

Next step.... microchip injection and then the puppies start to leave us and start their new exciting times with new families between the 11th and 15th August… Not sure how Morag is going to feel once her litter has flown the nest, knowing her, she’ll be fine and start her new relationship with our new member of the family, Bramble the puppy we are keeping.

As Morag has the official title and role for Kingsmuir House as “HOS” (Head of Security), it’s only fair for the new member of my team, Bramble, to take some responsibilities within the house…HOS

It gives me great pleasure to announce, she has officially been rolled in as “HOCR” (Head of Customer Relations). Her in-house induction and toilet training program has started and I will be holding “chat ‘n’ chew and “meet ‘n’ greet”sessions to make her feel welcome into the team...Someone getting cuddles from my Daughter

I’m sure she’ll be a great addition the Kingsmuir House “MM” Team, or should that be the “MM&B” Team (Malcolm, Morag & Bramble)…
To end… I do hope you’ve enjoyed my journey through the up’s and down’s of puppy parenting. From bringing these little rascals into the world, looking into their eyes for the first time (poor them seeing me!), watching them grow, play and of course the obvious lots of “mucking out” duties.

It has been a wonderful, emotional at times experience which will soon be coming to an end of an eras for me!

My aim was to make sure Morag was safe and well, the puppies to grow up fit, happy and healthy and the new family homes to be safe, happy and lovely caring people, all of which has been fulfilled.
Would I do again… wine did help at times (in fact all the time) and maybe not at my busiest time of the year...  To the guests who stayed with us over this time, please accept my sincere apologies if at breakfast, my normally un-flappable, relaxed approach during service was being severely challenged by the wee rascals in the kitchen)
So, would I do it again…You bet, I loved it!

The Morag Family #2

Regards, Woof and a Wee Woofs
Malcolm, Morag, Bramble, Bella, Lulu, Marlo and Hector