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IMG_3399Miss Morag is all loved up!

Whey Aye Man, wor lass Morag has a wor lad (translated: How lovely, our dog Morag has a boyfriend)

As some of you know, Head of Security has gone and got herself "in trouble" if you know what I mean, you know that "well he was nice, he had a cute bark we met at the lamp post our noses touched and the rest is history... as they say!

Ivan the Bedlington Terrier (not the terrible) had a "date" with Miss Morag on the 8th April he is a lovely boy, from a few miles from Bedlington in the north east of England (true Bedlington country) he's Liver in color, similar height and a temperament to match Morag.
The only real difference (apart from the obvious) when it came to the woo'ing 'n' coo'ing bit, well lets just say, if he was a sprinter, Usain Bolt would be left in the starting blocks! No flowers, champagne, not even a dimming of the lights! Just one thing on his mind, "get ya coat you've pulled luv!" One of my personal chat up lines at the disco for those old enough to call it the "disco"

Back to the point... Miss Morag is expecting pups (4 or 5 according to the last scan at 5 weeks) she's due on or around 3rd June (how quick is that, told you Ivan was a sprinter) That's the normal gestation time for a dog around the 60 day mark.

She's keeping well, eating and drinking gallons, her weight prior to meeting Ivan was about 9.2kg, she is now 10.4kg so clearly putting on the lbs (putting on the kilo's doesn't sound the same) let's just say she's blossoming!

I was going to post a photo but clearly she's feeling a little sensitive about her rotunda, although the real reason maternity wear is not the most flattering of outfits! I'm sure a few of you have had those stretchy jeans at some time... Karen! enough said on that front...

OK, here's one a took when she was having another bad day in the office !

...and another when you just can't get comfy! ( I would class this as a night on the tiles! (sorry)


She has her whelping bed ready for her, I can't believe Karen suggested we just get a cardboard box for her, let me tell you my wee girl is not having a cardboard box for her pups, in the true Kingsmuir house fashion, I've custom made her one (photo attached).Whelping Bed

We also have a 2m x 2m enclosure for when the pups are active which hopefully will help at breakfast time when the kitchen door is open, I appreciate some of my previous guests would love if a couple of them came waddling down the corridor to say hello at breakfast (you know who you all are!)
I feel my normal calm, un-flustered approach at breakfast may come under some serious pressure and the apple juice may have to be laced with Scottish gin to ease the canine pressure on some if not all the mornings, afternoons, evenings...!

So, that's where we are with nine days to go... towels and boiling water at the ready, (just like in the films) We have a very enthusiastic nurse on standby 24/7.. see attached Nurse Georgie M on duty (taken a few years ago, I get the distinct impression Georgie won't be heading into the medical profession somehow! (photo published with permission from teenage daughter...although it did cost me!)
The Girls Den 005

Next update on the website will be after the event. I'll also post something on the anti-sociable media commonly known as facebook and Twitter for those who really need to extend their social circles đŸ™‚

Yours Malcolm & Morag (the MM kids) and of course not forgetting my other two girls Karen & Georgie xx

Thursday June 9th...

Morag went into labour at approx 10.00am on the 9th June, that was her 64th day. She had her 1st pup 2.10pm (very nice of Morag to have her pups during the day) and her last one at 4.00pm.

She's had five pups in total and Mum and Pups doing well.

They are all Liver in color!

IMG_3523 IMG_3525
Sunday June 19th...
Puppies now 10 days old and doing well. Morag is a super star, feeding, cleaning and incredible caring for all her wee babies!