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Peas in a pod!




With all the wee munchkins settling in to their new families and I expect going through the standard puppy behavior...lets see how far we can push the boundaries before the "arhh's, look he's carrying my slippers" turn into, "that little minky has eaten my slippers!"

I did a school style report for each of the puppies, not sure if it's teacher etiquette to share, so some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Hunter was a total pleasure to teach and shows great dexterity with his paws and teeth, especially around the footwear area. This can often be seen first thing in the morning, middle of the day and in the evenings, basically most of the day! With a little more focus, he will, I'm sure, progress into not only untying laces, removing the laces (and hiding them btw) but master the double bow tying technique!

Within the class Hunter is a lively character and at times pushes the boundaries to the limits. If there's a way out, Hunter will find it! At times, we had a fraught relationship over the garden fence enclosure, each time when I thought, "yes, got you this time, no way out for you boyo", I'd look out to see said escapee on the other side of the fence, still within the garden just outside the defined "puppy" area! He also likes to dig! and encourages brothers and sister to join in! At times, when not escaping, and to be fair to the rest of the class, he needs help with understanding the word "discipline" (which at times Hunter has little or no concept of) results in being put onto the naughty step or in his case, put back in the pen. (only to escape again, great fun!)

img_5666-001That's only a very small part of Hunter's character, the majority of the time, he's a wonderful playful puppy and I'm sure he'll enjoy his next life style class with new teachers and playing with new class mates on walkies.


I wish him every success in the future and it's been a real pleasure bringing him into the world, seeing him open his eyes for the first time and feeling the pain of those first set of teeth. My shoe laces and trouser bottoms will never be the same! Nor will the lawn!
With all the puppies, I often think if Hunter was in that classic film "The Great Escape" who would he play... its a toss up between "the Cooler King" (Steve McQueen) for his antics of trying to escape or "the Tunnel King" (Charles Bronson) for his digging skills... its got to be the Cooler King" he doesn't need a motorbike, just determination to get over the fence..

Malcolm (Hunter's Nursery & Primary 1 Teacher)
8th June 2016 to 16th August 2016

Normal service resumed... well nearly!


It's all part of growing up, character building and keeping the shoe industry in step and the puppy to heel!.. did you see what I did there! sorry.

Of which poor wee Morag is dealing with very well, with only the odd snap to let Bramble know who is boss.
What I can gather from the "dog world" The Mum (Morag) is no longer looked on or respected as a "Mum" in the eyes of Bramble "Daughter" at this age, its a form of entertainment 24/7, although I have observed traits in Bramble which clearly to the untrained eye may go un-noticed, but as you know, me being an expert now, I'm all over it... got my Ph.D Doctorate of Puppyology

A few examples of Morag-isam's of which Bramble is copying

Hiding toast - in corners, under curtains, any their beds or in the garden! Sticking your head through the balustrades to see who comes in (none of that barking and lets go to the door like "normal" dogs, not sure if I can use that term, politically correct stuff... so lets go for "regular" dog behavior.

img_4328Not lifting your head when being spoken to, just rolling your eyes up so you see the whites of the eyes at the bottom. (very cute, however, annoying and you get that instant feeling of not been taken seriously, to the point of mockery)

Her role of Head of Customer Relations is coming on, any opportunity to meet and greet guests is always at the forefront of her mind, if the kitchen door is open she's straight on in there, even if the guests are on their way out with suitcases, bags coats and coming down the stairs, the escapee Bramble is there to help...

Note to self... check public liability insurance policy for "moving" cute trip hazards!
Her training is on-going with regular reviews and 360 degree feedback encouraged.

She attends puppy training classes on a Tuesday evening for an hour... this is the longest hour of my life! wine is required once home (for me and not the dog!).
Her sit, stay, down commands are coming on although could be better, I'm going down the road of taking Forsyths (local butcher) sausages as training treats, this does the trick, that is, unless you have a black lab within two feet then you suddenly come best mates and your pocket is being nudged, licked and nibbled. I'll be going here for a year, as I did with Morag... we will get there... someday!

To that end... I do hope you've enjoyed these wee in-sights of the day to day running of Kingsmuir House, with the added interests from Morag & Bramble... if the kitchen door is open... escape.
Or, the dishwasher is being filled, watch with intense interest (Bramble's favorite).
Or, at the end of breakfast service, wait with puppy dog eyes for any toast going spare from the tables... (this is not a hint to start leaving your toast for the wee munchkins) we do feed them... honest!

Thank you for your comments, interest and breakfast chats!
I feel very privileged to being part of these new lives and seeing one particular puppy growing up and becoming part of my team at the house.

Normal service resumed... well nearly!

Kind regards - The Kingsmuir House Team
Morag (HOS)
Bramble (HOCR)
Malcolm (still waiting for an acronym! and that's not an invitation to send one)


The best pillow in the world... my Mum

The final chapter... or is it!


and finally...

The Great Escape!” Starring Hunter

Hey look ...Hunter’s off again, he’s going
to be in trouble from Mum and Malcolm…
Bark his brother and sisters,
Bella, Marlo, Lulu and Bramble

I’m going over… Hunter barks Half way, not too bad just a couple more steps
and I’m over…. Yippee! img_5666-001Ohhh heck, barks Hunter, a little higher that I
expected and look who’s coming
to get me… again!
img_5665-001The End...