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Please enjoy a small selection of guest comments, poems and drawings from the Haystoun and Bonnington Guest books...

Laetitia and Takeji; Lognes, France September 2017 (1st visit)

Yvonne & Kim; Perth, Australia August 2017 (3rd visit)
A Wee Poem
(Apologies to Rabbie Burns)
Och , Malcolm, yer a fine breed o' man
Sae ye are
Tae run this fine hoose so weel
yer a star
The Bonnington was awfy bonnie
fit fer a queen
Wi awe the mod con & luxuries - sae spoilt
we've never been
Aye, we'll be back next year anaw
Ya cannae get rid o' us
We'd travel 12 thoosand miles
And if we had tae
,,, we'd come by bus!
Much Love!... Yvonne & Kim

Martin & Clair; Worksop, England August 2017 (2nd visit)
Whilst searching the web one night for somewhere appropriate to stay, I stumbled upon Kingsmuir House and here's what I've got to say!
If you visit one B&B in yar life, I urge yar to make it this one!
The place is literally paradise and the host second to none!
My husband and I like to travel, to be treated and wined and dined, Malcolm assured that this happened, he really does blow yar mind!
The house is simply megnificent, a restoration project well done!
The sweetness of Morag and Bramble ensures your heart will benen!
So Malcolm to you a huge thank you, our celebrations will not be forgot,
Yer house, yar kindness, the breakfast,
Kingsmuir House really has got the lot!!

Ian & Caroline: Southport, England September 2017 (1st visit)
Kingsmuir House ; A warm, welcoming sanctuary of traditional Scottish hospitality. Malcolm provides and promotes the best of local resources. Our stay couldn't have been more perfect! Thank-you! x

Paul & Stephanie: Lancashire, England September 2017 (2nd visit)
Our second stay just as amazing as the last time. Every detail appreciated and fab. You are the perfect host - lovely thank you. Hope to visit again.

Maniuela & Wolfgaug: Rejeusburg, Germany September 2017 (1st visit)
We enjoyed it very much to spend two relaxing day at very charming Kingsmuir House. We are very much appreciated the excellent service and friendliness of Malcolm We are looking forward to come back... seeing some squirrels during breakfast.

Carl & Jan: Rockmart, USA September 2017 (1st visit)
Five Stars!! Very comfortable, beautiful and relaxing - Thawks Malcolm!

Christine & John, Renfrewshire, Scotland September 2017 (2nd visit)
Another fabulous stay! A beautiful house & suite with attenion to details adding to the perfection. Breakfast amazing and looking forward to next time. Thank you for everything x

Russel & John: South Africa September 2017 (1st visit)
A faultless, superb stay. We have so enjoyed our time here, thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Our sincere thanks & warmest good wishes.

Andy & Karen: Ilkley, England September 2017 (1st visit)
A special place, fantastic room, great breakfast and most importantly a truly welcoming host. And we love your little dogs (smiley face)! xx