As you’ll know, Bramble is Head of Customer Relations at Kingsmuir House.  She is also  a fully qualified and registered “Therapy Pet” with Canine Concern Scotland…

Click on the link below to find out more about the charity I volunteer with.  

Canine Concern Scotland

Bramble the Therapy Pet
Bramble the Therapy Pet
Bramble the Therapet

 To promote and support the great work the charity does, we would like to offer an opportunity for our guests to book a slot and relax with Bramble during your stay.

This can be as simple as sharing a slice of toast after breakfast to an hour in your suite, or a wee play in the garden. 

All we ask is for a small donation to be added to your bill for the charity and we will match that amount. We would share the donation on a half yearly basis… (no personal details will be included) on social media and donate the full amount to the charity.   

You will receive updates from Bramble and of course if you just fancy a hug, pat or a photo on the stairs these still remain free, with the added bonus of Agnes doing her happy feet dance…  

Canine Concern Scotland Trust

Scottish Charity No: SC014924